Privacy Policy

NitroMetrics values your privacy. We don’t collect any non-standard information from any of our visitors.

Your email is safe when you submit your email using any of our forms. We do not add you to any kind of mailing list when you use a form. Forms are for the sole purpose of contacting you in response to your request for more information.

We do not sell, rent, or SPAM any email address submitted to our site.

Standard Analytics Tracking
NitroMetrics uses Google Analytics for tracking traffic and website usage. No personally identifiable information recorded. First party cookies (standard text files) are stored in visitors browsers to assist in tracking. These cookies can be deleted or blocked based on your browser settings.

Server Log Files
Log files are recorded to measure traffic and calls to the server. The server logs record IP addresses, browser specifications, and incoming links to the website. Again, no personally identifiable information is recorded within log files.