marketing VS Marketing

My experience with marketing comes with mixed emotions.  There are times I am out right embarrassed about marketers and their sad attempts to hock a product.   No doubt, they are trying their best and their intentions are good.  But they cheapen the word marketing.   The first time I saw Marketing (capital M) was in one of my MBA marketing classes.  The professor taught Marketing as a way to focus business strategy.  analyze market share, leverage statistical models, scrutinize finances for competitive advantage, and exploit operational efficiencies.  The curtain was drawn and I witnessed the machinery of real Marketing.

As a thought experiment I’ve made two classifications for marketing.  Lower case marketing and upper case Marketing.

marketing VS Marketing

  • bureaucratic approach to problem solving VS Problems Are Solved Organically
  • no testing, no data, no analysis VS Always Testing, Data Driven, Continual Analysis
  • “This is how we’ve always done it.” VS “Why are we doing it this way?”
  • highest paid person’s opinion trumps all VS Ideas Come From Everyone and Carry Equal Weight
  • very conspicuous and “in your face” VS Imperceptible, Subtle, and Efficient
  • take advantage of people VS take advantage of market inefficiencies
  • gimmicks VS real value

Any other ideas on lower case marketing VS Upper Case Marketing?


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